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RSCC Reliability Ride 

Royal Sutton wanted to say thank you to everybody that turned up to our 2023 Reliability ride. We had a great turnout considering this is the first event we've done for a few years. We are happy to inform everyone that after all of the BC fees were paid, we raised a total of £125 to go to the Syria/Turkey relief fund.

A special thank you to Royal Sutton club members, Andy Croft, Sarah Wilkes and James Trevis for their effort in getting this event planned and approved in a short time. Also, thank you to another Royal Sutton member Dave Higgins for coming out and providing some emergency bike maintenance cover for the event. If anyone needs bike servicing and repairs take a look at Dave's website


As usual, we say thank you to Roy follows for coming out and capturing some great photos of the event. We are looking forward to seeing you out during the 2023 time trial season.

Group shot at the start